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<p>Benz takes an adventure in Zion National park! This is a clip from the Zip Lining part of the adventure. </p>
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<p>We travel to San Diego.  We kick back at the first off leash Dog Beach, we join the owner of a bootcamp workout group for dogs & their parents.  We check out Balboa Park, grab a snack at the pet bakery! Benz gets a T-touch massage and Pet-Icure and a bath from a do it yourself dog wash.  Benz gets a surfing lesson and we settle in for the night after a stroll in Cornado Beach.</p>
<p>Intresting San Diego.  A bakery for pets, a spa thats gone to the dogs offers BRIZILIANS (Yes ladies). A dog bootcamp that takes fitness to the puppy leval. A whole Island thats gone to the dogs. Benzs gets a surfing lesson, and we explore a park with History & Culture come alive. </p>
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California is the first state to pass the NO PETS FOR COMMERCIAL Sale

California has become the first state to ban the sale of commercial pets, selling animals from commercial breeders! That's great news for us, shelter pet lovers but bad news for commercial breeders, the AKC, and some in the pet industry. 

The law signed by governor Jerry Brown back in October went into effect January 1, 2019. The law states that pet stores in Cali now have to sell animals from shelters. However, individual breeders can still sell their breeds so don't




Happy National Pet Day!  Lets Celebrate all week!

All pet owner deserve to give themselves a hug…considerate it from your pet!   National pet day is such a fun day to celebrate your love and dedication to your special furry/smooth/ or scaly friend!  Below I am going to list Adventures4Pets Top Ten Crazy Petventions!


#10 Dog-to-human language translation device


Don't Let "NO PETS ALLOWED" affect your summer vacation!!



So, you've booked a pet-friendly holiday rental and your pampered pooch has its bags packed and vaccinations up to date. That's it, right? You'll be co-sleeping in your luxurious double bed and relaxing by the fire in no time… well, maybe not.



Check out this cool article we found about how a dog makes a huge difference in his human familys life, everyday!

T Touch Massage


Tellington T Touch:


You and your pet share a unique bond, from petting to bathing, to brushing and in between, but did you know that there’s a way to awaken your dog and make them more apt. to learn your commands, and focus? After all your pup that loves on you all the time could probably use some extra TLC.

T Touch massage is just that, a massage is to relax and melt away stress, while the T touch is used to awaken the mind, create focus,


Easter Egg hunts that have gone to the dogs, Cat-nip filled Easter eggs & An annual Blessing for the pets


Easter is filled with fun, blessings and lots of treats for us humans! Now communities are getting involved to include their furry friends too. From Easter outfits, to cat-nip filled eggs, now to Easter egg hunts & blessings for the animals. The Spring Holy Holiday is becoming more and more popular for our furry friends.

Salt lake city has it all slopes, the beautiful outdoors, and now even a dog-on Easter egg hunt! Some Salt Lake city residents spent good Friday


Pet Travel Safety

Pet Travel Safety:  Traveling across the country or to the local store with your pet can be a fun and enjoyable experience for all members of the family.  Pet safety is sometimes overlooked but is one of the quickest most important things you can do to protect your best friend while traveling.
Many states now require pets to be restrained while in a moving vehicle.  Restraints help keep pets safe in the event of a collision or minor jolt, but they also restrict


Pet Ownership: Yes, It's Good For Your Health!

Pets and Health

Pet Ownership:  Yes, It’s Good For Your Health!
When you think about reducing stress, being more physically fit, and overall emotionally, physically healthy do you think of pet ownership?  Research indicates that owning a pet may be beneficial to a person’s physical and psychological health.  There has been a variety of studies to help determine the health benefits that pet ownership provides.
In a study conducted by, Dr. Deborah Wells from the Canine


What do a towel, corner, and a cat have in common?

What do a towel a cornor & a cat have in commen?

Moving with your pet can be not just challenging but can be an adventure on its own.  To limit the stresses and problems that come along with moving or traveling with a finicky pet, especially a finicky cat, be sure to keep your pets comfort first. 
When dogs travel or move they can easily get used to a new space if they have their family with them.  They think where’s the food, what’s this new smell, where’s the food, where’s my favorites toy.  Yet travel with cats can be


Owning a piggy for a pet? Why we LOVE them & they aren't just a celebi-pet!

One piggy, two piggy, three piggy, four; owning a mini-pot belly pig can have you squealing for joy! 
There’s a lot of sayings associated with pigs, “Stink like a pig” “Sweat like a hog” “Dirty as a pig” “Your room is a pig pen”(maybe that’s just what my mama told me growing up.) But all these are just sayings.  Pigs actually are quite clean and can even be potty trained like a dog.  As far as stinking pigs have no odor and are actually non-allergenic.  So all the bad press is


Why its not the best idea to adopt an exotic pet

Yes baby tigers, and lions and even bears OH MY, can make adorable and cute companions when they are babies, but the best idea is to visit them in the wild, at your local wildlife sanctuary or zoo! Owning a pet is a big responsibility a joy and also can be your best friend and closet companion.  When pets are babies they leave their animal families and join their human families! As the weeks go by the new baby pet you've adopted grows and a domesticated animal will become one of the


Pets on Adventure: Traveling by car on your Pet-cation

Pets on Adventure:  Traveling by car on your Pet-cation
Taking pet-cations with your best friend will make for some fun memories and help bond you to your pet for life.  Some things to keep in mind before you travel are, pet safety, a healthy pet, vaccination records, pet supplies and accommodations.
For safety purposes, it is important to ensure that you have the proper restraints for your pet when traveling by car (see Feature article, Pet Travel Safety

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