<p>We plan on doing weekly news stories - the first ever MOMMY AND DAUGHTER WEEKLY PET NEWS IN REVIEW!</p>
<p>Benz takes an adventure in Zion National park! This is a clip from the Zip Lining part of the adventure. </p>
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<p>We travel to San Diego.  We kick back at the first off leash Dog Beach, we join the owner of a bootcamp workout group for dogs & their parents.  We check out Balboa Park, grab a snack at the pet bakery! Benz gets a T-touch massage and Pet-Icure and a bath from a do it yourself dog wash.  Benz gets a surfing lesson and we settle in for the night after a stroll in Cornado Beach.</p>
<p>Intresting San Diego.  A bakery for pets, a spa thats gone to the dogs offers BRIZILIANS (Yes ladies). A dog bootcamp that takes fitness to the puppy leval. A whole Island thats gone to the dogs. Benzs gets a surfing lesson, and we explore a park with History & Culture come alive. </p>
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<p>We explain what adventures4pets is in a one minute synopsis. </p>
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One piggy, two piggy, three piggy, four; owning a mini-pot belly pig can have you squealing for joy! 
There’s a lot of sayings associated with pigs, “Stink like a pig” “Sweat like a hog” “Dirty as a pig” “Your room is a pig pen”(maybe that’s just what my mama told me growing up.) But all these are just sayings.  Pigs actually are quite clean and can even be potty trained like a dog.  As far as stinking pigs have no odor and are actually non-allergenic.  So all the bad press is just a hogs way of life some times!
Owning a pig in a house hold is no new concept or trendy celebi-pet, pigs have been in homes for years and living with people as a domesticated animal for centuries. Pigs are sociable, adaptable, clean and very intelligent. They can be trained to live hand in hand with people and when fed properly can even live in small residences. Can you imagine seeing a pig walk down 5th avenue or the sunset strip, well it may seem far fetched but pigs are similar to dogs with training as well as personality.
Pigs are social by nature, they live in a big group and have a pecking order like a dog pack, make sure you’re the top swine and you’ll not only make the rules of the roost but you’ll be the center of their piggy universe. This is actually important also because there’s nothing worse then a pushy-squeling pig.
Pigs are ranked as the fifth most intelligent animal in the planet.(over mans best friend) They have a good memory and instinct, making them quick learners and they don’t forget what they master. Pigs are like children they will push the limits and when it comes to food they eat EVERYTHING!  Pigs are also lovers, they are super affectionate.  They love closeness and companionship, they grow board and lonely if left alone for to long. When it comes to scent the dog may own the category but the potbellied pig comes close, they can sniff odors that are buried 25feet under the ground.
Pigs make great pets, and with so many advantages to pet ownership they are must def. to consider when adopting a new family member. Make sure your zoned to own a pig, and that you do your research on how to care for them and you and your new friend can share a long life together.  Even better pigs get along well with dogs, small and big so if you’re a dog family tell fido to watch out because he may be sharing the dog house with miss piggy soon! 

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