<p>We plan on doing weekly news stories - the first ever MOMMY AND DAUGHTER WEEKLY PET NEWS IN REVIEW!</p>
<p>Benz takes an adventure in Zion National park! This is a clip from the Zip Lining part of the adventure. </p>
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<p>We travel to San Diego.  We kick back at the first off leash Dog Beach, we join the owner of a bootcamp workout group for dogs & their parents.  We check out Balboa Park, grab a snack at the pet bakery! Benz gets a T-touch massage and Pet-Icure and a bath from a do it yourself dog wash.  Benz gets a surfing lesson and we settle in for the night after a stroll in Cornado Beach.</p>
<p>Intresting San Diego.  A bakery for pets, a spa thats gone to the dogs offers BRIZILIANS (Yes ladies). A dog bootcamp that takes fitness to the puppy leval. A whole Island thats gone to the dogs. Benzs gets a surfing lesson, and we explore a park with History & Culture come alive. </p>
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<p>We explain what adventures4pets is in a one minute synopsis. </p>
<p>Pets are family, Travel with your family</p>
<p>Its time to Go Out & Play!</p>

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What do a towel a cornor & a cat have in commen?

Moving with your pet can be not just challenging but can be an adventure on its own.  To limit the stresses and problems that come along with moving or traveling with a finicky pet, especially a finicky cat, be sure to keep your pets comfort first. 
When dogs travel or move they can easily get used to a new space if they have their family with them.  They think where’s the food, what’s this new smell, where’s the food, where’s my favorites toy.  Yet travel with cats can be quite different! Cats are picky they want their space, they are territorial by nature, mark their environment by rubbing their scent over objects in the home.
“Scenting" lets other cats know that this is their spot and for other cats to back off it shows your cats boundaries to other cats. When a cat is taken from her known environment and deposited in a strange place, cats can be come anxious, scared, and depressed, especially if the new home has cat scents from the previous owner. Be sure to thoroughly clean the room where your cat will be staying. It is up to you to make the transition to the new house as easy as possible on your cat.
Its probably best to leave your cat in their kitty carrier until you have finished un-packing their room.  Make sure that this room has their litter, food and water, and a few toys. One of the best tips for insuring your cats comfort is to rub their scent on their new home for them.  When cats rub their body on corners and doors they are doing so to mark their spot.  Before you take your cat from their previous space, take a clean towel and rub your cat with it.  Put this towel in their kitty carrier and when you get to their new space, use the towel to rub the doors with and the corners.  This will put their scent in the new space, and cutie the kitty will feel right at home, as quickly as possible!

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